Are you about to attend a baby shower but still don’t know what to give as a present? Do you have a newborn baby to buy a present for? From baby products you didn’t know to those brands you aren’t familiar with, you indeed would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. 

However, worry no more! In this guide, you will find a list of affordable yet adorable baby shower or baby gifts that can be used time and time again.



This is where a baby spends the most serene and peaceful moments in their life. These sheets are Australian designed to create blissful moments that last much longer.  The colours are endless to ensure there is something to suite any nursery.

Our sheets are made from 100% French linen sourced from one of the finest flax producing regions of France. The flax plant is naturally hypoallergenic so it is suitable for those with delicate, sensitive skin. Especially suitable for newborn babies that are born with such delicate skin.

They are machine washable for maximum convenience and naturally highly absorbent and breathable, keeping your baby’s body at the ideal temperature throughout the night.

Of course, a truly comfortable sheet that is perfect for a baby gift.



Who wouldn’t love to receive this comfortable swaddle as a newborn baby present? This is designed to soothe and protect babies and allow the parent to feel at ease, knowing that their baby feels comfortable.

The swaddle is made from a French line, sourced from France’s finest flax-producing area. Our swaddles are oversized 120cm x 120cm, wide enough to provide babies sufficient room to grow and breathe.  They can be used for change mat covers, light blankets, pram blankets, pram covers, towels, the options are endless. DID YOU KNOW we even personalize ours swaddles? YES, we offer embroidery! A baby’s name on each swaddle for that perfect baby gift for any new family.



Who wouldn’t want to ensure the comfort of their baby? With these natural linen reversible quilts, you can surely give your baby their much-needed comfort by making them warm during the cold seasons and cool during the summer seasons.

  • Made with 100% natural fibers (filled with the softest cotton)
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic suitable for those with sensitive and delicate skin
  • Machine washable
  • For each quilt sold, a donate to the World Food Program to help an underprivileged child

These can be used right from birth as a playmat or blanket right up into a toddler age. Linen gets better with age so they can also be passed on to other siblings.



Playmats aren’t just simply mats. For babies, this is a whole world for them to learn and discover. From strengthening their infant’s muscles and exercising their brain to bonding with their parents, this is where the baby’s fun and creative activities take place.

Thus, you have to give a playmat that is a hundred percent comfortable and safe. Our playmat’s is paired with a carry bag and linen storage so parents can effortlessly fold and carry it wherever they go. 

Why our playmats?

  • Machine washable
  • Easily transportable
  • Reversible – so you get two sides of colour to change it up when you want something different
  • Pure linen sourced from France
  • For each playmat sold, a donate to the World Food Program to help an underprivileged child

What better gift to give a new parent that offers giving a gift to another child at the same time?

Undeniably, you may not know exactly what babies need during the first few weeks or months unless you have been a parent yourself. However, with the help of the suggestions mentioned above, you can finally settle on a choice! 

We are happy to help, please contact us if you need a baby shower gift or a present for a newborn.  We can also put a giftbox together!