My Story

I’m a proud mother of three beautiful young boys, Isaac (4), Luca (2) and Levi (1). Watching them in their early years made me realise what a beautiful, important and precious time it is. I could see how much they benefited from a balance between lots of play and lots of sleep. Although the sleep part was sometimes a challenge, especially with my first born, Isaac.

We all want the best for our children and unfortunately, I often found it frustratingly difficult to buy quality linen products for them to play on and sleep in which were also durable and aesthetically pleasing. I thought one day I would try to launch a business offering products that combined quality, comfort, durability, and a beautiful aesthetic, that fit right into your home and can be used for years to come. I also made a promise to myself that I needed to incorporate a way to give back to those that needed it the most.

This is exactly what Petite & Co offers and I couldn’t be prouder.

Once I launched in March 2021 I decided why stop at linen. Why not give you a 'one stop shop' so I expanded into making it easy to find all the necessities in one place.  From bump to baby!

One other thing that being a mother taught me was my own good fortune. I was able to put food on the table for my children but it became harder to ignore stories in the news showing that millions of mothers couldn’t and all the children and babies in the world that are struggling to get food.

Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing there are 815 million undernourished people in this world today. That means one in nine people do not get enough food to lead an active and healthy life. In fact, hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide – greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

That’s why it was so important to me that this business do something small to redress this balance. For every playmat or quilt you purchase from us, we will feed a malnourished child for a week through the World Food Programme, in which we have formed a partnership through the Share The Meal initiative. That’s one week where they will not go to sleep hungry, and their body and brain will have the nutrition they need to grow. It’s what all babies and children deserve.

Thank you for being part of this adventure. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

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