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Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Play Mat

We, at Petite + Co. believe that babies can discover the world through play mats. That is because a playmat boosts their spatial awareness. By having our play mat, your baby can go on a magical adventure.

During the early years of a child, we believe that comfort and quality are very important. Our play mats are not only quality and comfortable, but they are beautiful and sustainable as well.

Play mats can help your baby develop, your baby can play there and make their brain and muscles stronger. Seeing your child having fun in our play mats will bring happiness to you and your whole family.


Comfortable and Safe

You have to keep in mind that your baby’s play mat should be 100% comfy and safe. It also needs to be washable and sturdy. Our play mats are made from pure French linen, which we source from one of the best flax regions in France.

Since the flax plant is hypoallergenic, it is great for sensitive and gentle skin. The linen we use in our play mats is also environmentally friendly and breathable. You can also easily wash our play mats in your washing machine.

Moreover, we only use low-impact dyes. You do not have to worry about your baby getting exposed to harmful chemicals. Our play mats are padded and stone-washed to provide the ultimate support and comfort for babies. This encourages them to move more, which makes them stronger.

It may not seem like it, but play mats give babies a challenge to move. Our play mats provide them with a lot of space to crawl and roll over. They can also learn to exert effort in getting a toy that is far from their reach.


You can Bring It With You Anywhere

All our play mats come with a carry bag and matching linen storage so that you can easily keep the mat and bring it with you when you travel to parks, picnics, and beaches among many others. With our play mats, your baby has a place to relax and play.


Oeko-Tex Certified

We are certified by Oeko-Tex. This ensures that every part of the product, such as buttons, threads, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful elements and considered safe for humans.


Not only our play mats but all our products are harmless and manufactured in good working conditions. We are accredited by BSCI, which means the workplace conditions follow the national labor law, human rights, and ILO conventions.