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A thoughtful selection of our products to make gifting easy.  This is a great baby shower gift or perfect of a new baby. Everyone loves this thoughtful, practical gift.

This box includes:


Swaddles have been used for millennia to protect and soothe babies, and allow mother and child to both take some much needed rest. Now you can participate in this ancient tradition, while knowing your baby will feel modern comfort.

Our swaddles are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is arguably the most popular option for swaddle blankets because it is naturally super soft and durable, and gets even softer the more it is used and washed.

Our swaddles are 120cm by 120cm, big enough to give your baby room to breathe and grow. Our fabric is light and breathable and excellent for multipurpose use.



Our wooden rattles are a perfect keepsake. Small enough for little hands to hold, use for sore and irritated gum and ‘shake, rattle and roll’ the rings around.  Made from 100% Beech wood, making them eco-friendly, durable, safe and non-toxic.

The added bonus when purchasing wooden pieces for your little ones is that they become a wonderful keepsake for you to keep and pass on generation to generation.


Wooden month milestone card discs – Sunflower set

Our Sunflower design wooden milestone discs are the perfect item for new parent. Time passes so quickly and babies grow up in the blink of an eye, what a more perfect way to capture those memories.

There is nothing more beautiful than looking back at those tiny little babies, growing into little toddlers and reminiscing on those early days.


  • This set includes 13 individual discs, packaged in a drawstring bag to keep together and store away for future babies or keepsake for your bundle of joy.
  • Each disc is approximately 10 cm wide



Our Bunny Ear Teething Ring is perfect for your little one. Easy to garb, hold and soothe their gums on the smooth wooden ring.  Perfect for learning and developing hand and eye coordination.  Featuring a muslin knotted ‘bunny ear’ that can be washed separately.

This is a perfect additional to any of our gift boxes for a new parent, baby shower gift or gift for your little one.

The wooden ring is made from naturally antibacterial Beech wood.  Beech wood is eco-friendly, durable, safe and non-toxic.


NOTE - if you want to change any of the colours of a product or size please leave a note. If we have stock available we will make change when creating the gift box.