Bassinet Sheets - Sea Foam
Bassinet Sheets - Sea Foam


Bassinet Sheets - Sea Foam

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The bassinet is where some of the most beautiful moments of your new baby’s new life will take place, moments of peace and serenity. Our bassinet sheets have been designed to make those moments happen more often and for longer, thanks to premium, maximum comfort materials.

Our sheets are made from 100% French linen sourced from one of the finest flax producing regions of France. The flax plant is naturally hypoallergenic so it is suitable for those with delicate, sensitive skin.

It is machine washable for maximum convenience and naturally highly absorbent and breathable, keeping your baby’s body at the ideal temperature throughout the night. Of course, a truly comfortable sheet is one that fits. Our bassinet sheet size is 45 x 85 + 15cm. You’ll be able to sleep well knowing your baby is sleeping well too.

*Please note colours may vary slightly in photos from actual items due to the lighting and differences in the monitor's display.